Tiggly Safari


Tiggly Safari is a children's app that teaches about different types of animals as well as shapes. In the game players can reveal animals by using a few simple shapes to build them. Tiggly's unique platform optionally accepts physical toys as input so players can get a visceral experience while playing a modern app. Tiggly Safari features many different animals and there are several different habitats that serve as levels.

Implemented Features

Porting to Unity
This title was originally created in iOS and my job was to port it to Unity. The game was developed to work for iOS and Android.


Fixing bugs and creating new features
Aside from porting the game to a completely different engine, the first version of the game had bugs and missing features that needed to be developed. Other updates included making the game work in many new languages and as well as many UI updates.


Optimizing for mobile
An image heavy game can be a mobile developer's worst nightmare. Lots images poses two potential problems, app size bloat and frame rate slowdown. Thankfully Unity has a lot of options for image optimizations as well profiling tools to help you notice bottlenecks. 


Cross platform development
This is another thing Unity helps you with. It doesn't do all the work however and heavy testing/fixing was done on both iOS and Android builds to make sure Tiggly Safari played consitently across devices, platforms and different screen sizes


Unity Developer


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