Mama Hawk


MamaHawk is a mobile game where you take control of a hawk who is trying to feed her babies. The game's unique predatory mechanics make it fun and challenging to play. Not all animals are easy prey however; stinky skunks, angry porcupines, and deceitful clouds could be lurking in every corner!

My contributions

Each animal is a puzzle
I programmed animal AI which plays an important part in the game. Each animal has varying degrees of awareness of Mama Hawk and presents a challenge to the player as they cannot simply charge after each animal. Animals have lines of sight, patrolling, and unique reactions to Mama Hawk and her babies. Some animals can eat others while other animals serve as obstacles to Mama Hawk. The point of the AI is to create an ecosystem as well as craft interesting puzzles for the player to solve.


Upgrades and IAP
I created a shop screen as well as programmed upgrades which the player can purchase with in-app currency to improve Mama Hawk. I also implemented IAP which works with both Android and iOS. 


Dynamic UI elements and game polish

I designed and programmed a UI element that serves as an indicator for the state of Mama Hawk babies. It alerts the player of danger and also guides them to the home tree. 

I also worked on some polish related features like making Mama Hawk's power mode more juicy.


Gameplay Programming

IAP Programming

AI Programming



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