Slime Solstice



Created during the 2nd Holistic 3D game jam, Slime Solstice is a puzzle game featuring slimes, a freezing atmosphere, and terrible puns.

Special thanks to Jenna Dancel who created 3D models and designed the levels.

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My contributions


Creating the puzzle logic was the most important task of making this game work. It was challenging as we were designing the game as we went, so meeting frequently to solve issues and create new mechanics was key.

Technical Art

To give the game that freezing North pole look, I used Amplify shader editor. The shader uses the camera's depth to fade geometry the further it is positioned from the camera. There was also particle effects work done for the snow effect as well as some cold mist that layered on top of the camera depth effect to add that extra chill 🥶 🥶




Tech Artist



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