About Me


So you'd like to know a bit about me eh? If you don't feel like reading check out the timeline below.

Humble beginnings

I finished my illustration BFA at FIT in 2008 but eventually became curious about the technical side of things when I started to design websites as a freelancer. In 2010 I began my career as a WordPress web developer creating websites as well as plugins. This was my intro to coding. As WordPress themes and plugins usually lacked the functionality I needed, coding it myself allowed me to ease into learning how to code CSS/HTML JavaScript and PHP.

Jumping into web development

I enjoyed the freedom and power that web development provided but I did not feel like it was what I wanted to do with my life or who I wanted to be. Knowing web coding allowed me to experiment with HTML5 games and I quickly began to feel excitement as I made pixels move on the screen. This however was not exactly what I wanted to do either, HTML5 games were neat and interesting but I wanted to create bigger games, the kind I'd played as a kid and the kind I still play as an adult.

Can I make games?

In 2014 I began learning Unity and the 3D pipeline. I liked working in Unity because it allowed for great flexibility. You could create for mobile, desktop, or any of the platforms which were quickly coming onto the scene.

I was inspired by the RPG and adventure games I played in my youth (and I still am) but I was also curious about how I could use my newfound powers for good. Apps and games that go beyond entertainment are still an inspiration of mine; whether its educational content, VR, AR or the platforms we have yet to create, I dig it.

Yes...yes I can!

In 2014 I started my most ambitious project "Tails of Fury", an adventure game based on some silly Squirrel characters I drew in college.

My art and creativity is a big part of who I am. Even though I am a professional developer, I often use my art education to inform design decisions, create art for my own games and communicate with other artists.

In 2016 I tried Unreal Engine for the first time and fell in love. Its quite different from Unity and isn't necessarily better or worse than Unity but after trying the Blueprint system I felt like I found a powerful engine to create the big ideas that I want. I still use Unity for smaller projects, game jams and freelance work.

The timeline