Space Burgers 2


Spaceburgers 2 is a high-energy VR racing game where players use a stationary bike to race through wacky, food-filled galaxies. Pedaling your bike controls your racer's blaster, which you need to shoot obstacles, slow down opponents, and collect stray food.

This game has been designed to use in a pediatric healthcare setting and help get patients active while in the hospital. Physical therapy and appropriate exercise has been linked to faster recovery and improved quality of life, but it can hard to convince a patient to engage in the boring, and sometimes painful task, of pedaling a portable stationary bike during their stay in the hospital. With Spaceburgers 2, patients improve their health outcomes while having fun.

This game was created in collaboration with Mighty Immersion, a wonderful VR game company that works with medical professionals to create amazing VR games for the purposes of healing and restoration for their patients

Gameplay trailer

My contributions

Asset Artist
Using Blender 2.8, I created simple but stylized models that fit the 1950's theme of the game. Additionally, I performed retopology and optimization on models that the team decided to get from Google Poly. Many of the models were created without textures, only utilizing vertex colors in order to boost game performance on mobile VR.

Additional "sign" textures were created which helped sell the 1950's theme. These signs were spread throughout the game to build out the world.


Technical Artst

Using Shader Graph and Unity's Particle Effects I created visual effects to enhance the game experience, including spaceship thrusters, the road track, the skybox, a star boost effect and many other effects and objects.


Asset Artist

Technical Artist



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