project description

Customary is a Corona based app that helps people learn cultural skills. It has been used by students traveling abroad as well as international student coming into the United States. There are several iterations of the app available on the App store and Play store. Each version of the app has slightly different features to accommodate a certain type of client or deliver specific content. 

Implemented Features

Back button capability
Allows users to backtrack their progress and replay the game in a different way


Custom analytics solution that logs events to a remote server when users perform certain actions. This is a "per user" analytics system as opposed to many analytics systems that work based on averages. The analytics are logged to a remote website which is able to display the analytics data averages as well as a per user drill down.


User account verification
Users login to the app with an account they created beforehand on a website. From that point when they download the Customary app, they are able to login to use it. There are several restrictions built into the account process, such as a time limit on every account and a limit to how many devices the app can be installed on.


Cross-platform capability
App has been developed and tested for iOS, OS X and Windows. Some work that had to be done to make the app cross-platform includes:

  • Handling internet connection availability
  • Handling Device ID generation
  • UI formatting inconsistencies

Web server backend
A WordPress powered website was created for administration purposes and communication with the Customary apps. Custom functionality for the website was implemented with object-oriented PHP as well as WordPress Plugins. The website has several functions including:

  • Analytics dashboards display how users interact with the Customary apps
  • Account creation and user management/restriction
  • Communication with Customary apps


Lead Developer