Night Ride


Night Ride is a pixel art game inspired by classic arcade games of the 80's. Featuring single or 2 player co-op mode, the game challenges players to ride through an environmentally unstable environment, set in the aftermath of the climate apocalypse.

My contributions

Gameplay Programming

The gameplay programming was focused on player controls, creating interesting obstacles to throw in the player's path, and weather-related obstacles such as lightning, rain and flooding.

A lot of focus was also spent on creating a panoramic-like parallax effect for the game where you start out in the dead of night and ride until dawn.


Tools Programming

Tools development was an interesting challenge for this project. I needed to create a level editor that the game designer could use to create the level and also time obstacles to spawn to the beat of the game music. I decided to build upon Unity's Timeline API to get the job done as it already supported some of the features we needed.

It worked quite nicely and allowed for us to customize the Timeline to a fair degree and also make the level editor easily readable by creating custom markers for each obstacle spawned. I also created a custom inspector for each obstacle marker, which allowed for greater flexibility in configuring obstacles.

Aside from spawning obstacles, the level editor also handled elaborate parallax effects which were used to slowly change the visuals and time of day of the game as you ride through the level.


Gameplay Programmer

Tools Programmer



Release Date

Coming soon in 2021