Island Hopper


Island Hopper is an AR mobile game created in partnership with iNKStories and Verizon. In the game, the player helps a small society of islanders to find a new home.

My contributions

Entity Component System

Using Unity's new Entity Component System, I created many different systems in Island Hopper. This was my first time delving into ECS as well as AR in Unity. There were many lessons learned from developing this project such as mobile optimization, data-oriented code structure, using the post-processing stack on a mobile AR game and more.

With ECS, you are able to neatly organize your code and separate your data and logic. Using this approach, I created systems for managing the island's lava flow, tree destruction, island raising/lowering and bridge building, and log buoyancy.


Technical Art

Using various shader techniques, here are some shaders which I created for this project:

  • Animated water with vertex displacement and scrolling UVs
  • Vertex displacement for uprooting trees
  • Lava that slowly moves downward
  • Writing custom post-processing shaders for the underwater effect


Technical Art/Shader Programming

Gameplay Programming

UI Programming

UI Design