Tails of Fury


Tails of Fury is a 3D platformer adventure game set in a fantasy world. In the game, you can switch between 3 distinct squirrel characters as you explore, fight enemies and solve environmental puzzles. The game has a fun and lighthearted feel and will contain plenty of tidbits to make players laugh their tails off.

Game Features

Players will be able to fight all kinds of evil doers including killer plants and crystal monsters. Each playable character has their own fighting style and is more effective on certain enemies than others. Character switching in the middle of combat can trigger special combination attacks.


Exploration is an important part of Tails of Fury and players' curiosity will be rewarded with interesting loot, enemies and lore that lays hidden away.


Environmental Puzzles
Puzzles can take many forms and will require the player to experiment with pulling levers, using different characters for specific tasks and dexterity based controls.


Gameplay Programmer

Character Artist



Prototype Download

This is an early prototype build of Tails of Fury was created in Unity 5